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Leading the Way in Senior Living Insurance

K & B Underwriters is a national Insurance Program Administrator serving insurance agents and brokers for senior living facilities. They provide nursing homes, assisted or independent living facilities and other senior living risks with industry-leading insurance programs and specialized, innovative risk management solutions. The company was founded in 2004 by Bryan Baird who, with several years experience in a senior management position at that time, decided to start his own operation.

Bryan’s business philosophy is based on the traditional principle of “doing the right thing” in all aspects of one’s business. To further his understanding of the industry, he developed, fielded and analyzed a major insurance study that explored health care practices, underwriting results and related insurance consequences of behavior.

Bryan’s vision was to not only understand the professional challenges of senior living facility owners and operators but also the resources, skills and needs of the brokerage community that serves this community. By taking the time to understand both the end-user and the insurance intermediary, Bryan’s new venture, K&B Underwriters got offto a robust start topping $20 million in written premium in his first 18 months. Today, K&B works with over 10 insurance carriers, has over 300 policyholders, writes over $25 million in premium and is recognized as one of the leading Program Administrators for senior living insurance in the country. The company introduced their signature brand “DigniCARE” in 2011 and the program continues to expand in terms of coverages, specialty services, available markets and its network of agent and broker partners. DigniCARE provides General Liability, Professional Liability, Excess Umbrella, Package Programs, Monoline Property and Workers’ Compensation products for senior living facilities.

Bryan describes K&B’s values-based risk management services as “a holistic approach that delivers solutions across the enterprise – rather than just focusing on clinical risks. We offer clinical risk assessments, loss control services, educational programs, risk mitigating seminars, online risk resources and toll-free claims support.”

Bryan Baird credits the company’s success to his experienced, professional and dedicated staffand partners. He also touts DigniCARE’s core competencies that deliver to their customers three key advantages: increased resident safety, maintaining a high level of care with reduced reimbursements, and an increase in staffeducation and training. Collectively, Bryan sees these qualities as the foundation of K&B’s “values based” approach, which when implemented, will drive down liability costs and increase resident census for the facilities. In his 15 years in the senior living insurance industry, he has learned that policy deliverance alone is not the goal. Extra care and diligence in the preparation and underwriting of every policy is what makes the real difference. In summary, Bryan believes that his firm’s singular focus on senior living – together with the large program size – has given K&B the credibility needed to garner the backing of trusted carriers.

As Bryan tells his team, “doing the right thing” every day is what keeps policyholders coming back year after year. From this philosophy and work ethic, the DigniCARE Program lives by its slogan; “Insuring Senior Care… the Right Way.”