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Making A Difference in Senior Living Insurance

Based in Reston, Virginia, K&B Underwriters was founded in 2004 by professionals who began their careers in the senior living industry. In forming K&B, our goal was to develop an insurance and risk management program that supported the senior living industry’s efforts to provide quality, dignified care to their residents in a nurturing environment while at the same time having the support needed to mitigate risk, protect against loss, contain cost drivers and continue to grow profitably.

We accomplish this at K&B through an unwavering philosophy to provide professional excellence, integrity and transparency, personal achievement, and exceeding our clients’ expectations. What we do is more than just business at K&B. It’s providing you with support to insure and ensure your future.

Our fundamental principles include:

Dedication to our insureds. Focusing on understanding and serving our clients’ needs to help grow thriving businesses today and into the future.

Doing the right thing. Empowering our employees to make decisions that are guided with a deep sense of ethics and encouraging our clients to do the “right thing” versus the “defensible thing” since satisfied clients seldom sue…even when there are adverse outcomes.

Quality performance. Committing to delivering outstanding, consistent results in the programs and services we provide.

Senior living experience. Understanding our clients’ goals and day-to-day challenges as senior living professionals. With years of experience serving healthcare and insurance providers, we’re able to leverage past success and avoid what we’ve learned doesn’t work.

Innovation. Taking a creative approach that affords us the opportunity to deliver new ideas to the industry – both in the products we develop and in our risk management programs.

Supporting senior living with innovative solutions, responsiveness.

Please give us a call at 855.883.6306 or complete the form on this page to locate a broker near you to learn how K&B can make a difference for your operation.