Activity Ideas for Your Senior Living Facility

Activity Ideas for Your Senior Living FacilityActivity Ideas for Your Senior Living Facility

The biggest challenge your activity director may face in your nursing home or assisted living facility, is coming up with ideas for appropriate activities for your residents to partake in. The goal of creating activities should be to make sure the calendar is filled with a well-rounded range of events designed to engage residents of all different abilities and interests.

Why is this important? Well, one study of more than 5,500 participants aged 65 years or older concluded that stimulating leisure activities were significantly associated with a reduced risk of dementia. Events don’t have to be expensive or complicated, but it could be fun to venture out of the box a bit. Here is a list of ideas for unique assisted living activities.

Barbeque. Of course, you may have residents who have specific dietary needs, but for one night you could possibly move dinner time into your outdoor patio, and create a summer BBQ- like atmosphere for them to enjoy.

Car show. This might appeal more to the male residents, but many women love cars too. Even just having a car talk night where residents can share stores about their favorite cars and reminisce about where they went in them could be very enjoyable.

Monthly book club. Many people enjoy reading, and you may have quite a few residents who would love to share a discussion about the latest book they’ve read. Not only does this gives them an activity to look forward to once a month, but it gives them something to do during alone time as well.

Therapy dog visits. Many residents once had pets, and most nursing homes do not allow residents to keep personal pets. Studies have shown though that simply petting a dog has emotional and mental health benefits. Check the AKC website for your local therapy dog program.

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