Assisted Living Liability: Preventing Senior Medication Errors

Assisted Living Liability Preventing Senior Medication ErrorsAssisted Living Liability: Preventing Senior Medication Errors

As people age, they typically start developing health problems. Many senior citizens suffer from a number of medical issues, requiring them to manage different prescriptions and medication schedules. Keeping track of when to take what can be difficult anyway, but for an elderly individual with cognitive, visual, or hearing impairment, the process is even harder.

As a nursing home resident, the senior citizens in your staff’s care rely on your facility to help them with their medication. Preventing senior medication errors is a huge part of senior safety, and an assisted living liability exposure for your facility. So how can you help your residents avoid dangerous medication mistakes?

Communicate. Studies have shown that senior patients experience a drug error rate significantly greater than adults under the age of 65. The problem seems to be the lack of communication between doctors, nursing home staff, and other care providers.

Food Interactions. Drugs can often interact with food that is consumed as well as drinks. It should always be noted whether a drug your resident is taking should be taken with food or on an empty stomach, as this affects how quickly and/or thoroughly the drug is absorbed into their system.

Check the expiration date.  The effectiveness of some drugs, such as insulin, degrades as the drug ages. Your residents cannot be relied on to know when the expiration date has passed.

These are just a few ways you and your staff can work to reduce your assisted living liability. At DigniCARE, we are focused on the wellbeing and care of your nursing home residents. We offer Senior Care Risk Management programs including Nursing Home Liability Insurance, and coverage for Independent Living Facilities, Assisted Living, and Continued Care Retirement Communities. Please contact us today for more information at (855) 883-6306. 

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