Program Features

Our Assisted Living Insurance Program

K&B Underwriters’ DigniCARE program provides coverage solutions specially tailored for assisted living facilities. Our program features and benefits include but are not limited to the following*:

  • Professional Liability (incident-sensitive) coverage for injury to residents: Insures against losses stemming from accusations that an error or negligence (such as medication errors, food illness, accidental patient injuries) on your part caused physical or financial harm to someone. Includes “residents rights” claims and liability arising from “elder abuse” statutes. Prior-acts coverage is available, and defense outside the limits of liability is a standard policy feature. Includes coverage for your medical director within scope of employment. Also includes coverage for barbers and beauticians for resident services.
  • General Liability coverage for injury to non-residents: Includes bodily injury and property damage, personal injury and advertising injury.
  • Employee Benefits Liability: Covers the cost of potential lawsuits that result from processing errors related to employee benefits. Coverage is also available if you fail to advise employees of your benefits program.
  • Sexual Misconduct Liability coverage by separate limit
  • Commercial Property: Designed to protect your facility against fire, theft and other perils, including providing such options as agreed amount and full replacement cost on the building; emergency vacating expenses; food spoilage; property of residents; equipment breakdown, among others.
  • Business Auto: We have the capability to insure all types of vehicles, including passenger buses and vans.
  • Workers Compensation: A major expenditure for most facilities, this provides coverage for on-the-job employee injuries and accidents. In addition to the coverage, we can provide assistance in setting up an accident investigation program, safety programs, and more to help reduce on-the-job accidents and injuries and get employees back to work as soon as possible. We will also work with you to pinpoint red flags that may indicate where your business may be at risk for fraudulent claims.
  • Other Key Coverages & Features

K&B underwrites the DigniCARE program on behalf of an A.M. Best “A+” rated insurance carrier.

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*These descriptions of coverage features within the DigniCARE program are given as a summary only and may differ from policy to policy. You must consult the actual terms, conditions and exclusions of your DigniCARE policy or quote in order to determine coverage details.