How Background Checks Improve Patient Care

shutterstock_225427774Sending loved ones to a nursing home is a big deal, especially since their safety and care becomes the responsibility of a stranger. Although undoubtedly qualified, there are still some basic issues that are causes for concern. According to the Office of Inspector General (OIG), around 22% of Medicare beneficiaries experienced preventable injuries in nursing homes. Unfortunately, these types of negligent claims are common against nursing homes and their caregivers. However, with DigniCare Nursing Home Insurance, your reputation and the liabilities created in this unique environment are protected.

In order to avoid such unfortunate circumstances, it is vital that nursing homes and nursing facilities adhere to specific regulations. By performing background checks and maintaining them frequently, unqualified or less than optimal candidates will not be holding these caretaker positions.  Since there are hundreds of types of these inspections, here are some levels of background checks that could benefit your facility and what they cover:

  1. Instant- The most basic form of a background check is instantaneous and simply verifies the employee name matches with the social security number he or she provided, correct date of birth, and address to ensure no discrepancies arise with identity. Although this option seems attractive as it is inexpensive and quick, bear in mind it only provides surface level information. Therefore, records indicating more severe crimes won’t show here.
  2. Routine Employment Check/Statewide Search- This covers criminal, civil, credit, and driving records. It also verifies education, employment, and licensure. This in depth screening is a bit more thorough and takes approximately 48 hours to complete.
  3. FBI- The most extensive background check listed, this screening shows any and all federal criminal record as well as complete residency for the past 7 years.

These are just a few ways your nursing home can be proactive in hiring the best, well qualified staff. At DigniCARE, we understand the unique liabilities that come with caring for others. Our assisted living insurance program and Risk Management Tips offer solutions and protection against these liabilities to secure your business. To discover more, contact us today at (855) 883-6306.

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