Best Practices to Reduce Nursing Home Liability Risks

Best Practices to Reduce Nursing Home Liability RisksBest Practices to Reduce Nursing Home Liability Risks

As the owner or even an employee of an assisted living facility, you likely know most of the nursing home liability risks that your facility faces on a daily basis. Risks include factors such as incorrect medical treatment for a resident, failure to provide the correct medication to a resident, violating their rights, or causing or failing to prevent a slip and fall accident. Knowing what risks you face though is just half the battle. Though accidents are never 100% preventable, there are steps you and your staff can take to potentially reduce nursing home liability risks.

Most importantly, your facility should make a proactive effort to identify hazards and prevent losses before they occur. This includes conducting an ongoing analysis of actual hazards as well as potential hazards in each individual exposure area. The procedures you set forth should prevent situations that could give rise to an adverse event, which is defined as an occurrence that has the potential to produce an insurance claim, including a seemingly minor event or situation with the potential to cause an accident.

An equally important task to perform is establishing and implementing procedures for training your staff. All new hires and even seasoned staff should be supplied with updated information on how to reduce risks and control loss in your facility. They should feel comfortable with recognizing potential risks, notifying managers, and implementing their own best practices to mitigate those nursing home liability risks.

Another important factor in reducing nursing home liability risks is to establish procedures to allow for the family or guardian of the nursing home resident to be informed as soon as possible in the event of an injury or accident. Doing this, and including documentation of the event, can go a long way in gaining or regaining the family’s trust, and could potentially prevent them from making a claim against your facility.

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