Making a Case for Cameras in Nursing Homes

Making a Case for Cameras in Nursing Homes Earlier this year, we discussed the debate over the Removal of a Web Cam from a nursing home patient which caused some friction among the patient care staff and patients’ loved ones. Although the camera was placed in his room for security purposes, it was removed without consent by the nursing staff. More states are starting to draft legislature to permit cameras but it is still in the beginning stages. Still, the controversy remains: Are cameras going to be allowed in all nursing home rooms? Are family members going to rest assured knowing their loved ones are properly taken care of? Because of the nature of the job and the risks involved, obtaining Nursing Home Professional Liability Insurance is crucial to your nursing home facility. While we work toward passing the bill, here are three reasons why nursing home facilities could benefit from cameras:

Neglect & Abuse- According to the Department of Public Health, they receive an estimated 19,000 calls a year regarding suspected abuse or neglect and another 5,000 complaints. The sheer numbers are disheartening enough to make any child or parent worry. Allowing exposed cameras to be placed in willing patient’s rooms can defer this type of treatment. If something were to happen, it would likely be documented and the patient caretaker would be held liable.

Consent- Although many nursing staff personnel have voiced concern over privacy issues, the intent of the surveillance is not to be hidden. For example, in Texas, the law requires a sign notifying that the camera is rolling and the nursing home can request to have the camera placed in plain view. What’s more, the law requires written consent from a roommate if applicable. This way, any footage recorded can be used in civil or criminal courts as evidence.

Digital Age- Although nursing homes clearly are intended for an older generation, the children of these patients are used to having a digitally based lifestyle. It is not uncommon for surveillance to be recorded in a number of public places. Having this form of surveillance on their parents and loved ones would provide a peace of mind for them, as well.

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