How to Manage a Better Work Life Balance for Caregivers

How to Manage a Better Work Life Balance for Caregivers

As you are likely plenty aware of, the work demands caregivers face can often be high-stress, which can certainly carry over and contribute to stress at home as well. Unfortunately, nurses and caregivers too often let the demands of their work life take over, and don’t have the time or energy to focus on their personal well-being. This can create not only resentment, but also low productivity, less focus on workplace safety and low morale, thus increasing Nursing Home Employee Risks.

Such high demands have many nursing home workers and staff at other assisted living facilities asking, “What can I do to manage my work/life balance?” As one contributing McKnight’s author points out, it’s not always as easy as just committing to being more present and engaged. A change must happen within the workplace, but too often caregivers don’t know how to initiate this change. Caregiving website offers many helpful tips for managing work/life balance in the industry. Below are just a few of the things nursing home staff may be able to do.

  • Nursing home staff should be encouraged to speak with their supervisors about their workload. Supervisors should explain, clearly, what their tasks are for which they are accountable.
  • Caregivers should always be specific about their needs and feel comfortable with asking if flexible hours are possible. Just as supervisors need to be clear about the business needs that must be met, caregivers need to be clear about what their personal needs are.
  • The best way for a caregiver to approach the work/life balance subject with their supervisors is to offer suggestions that will help the caregiver do their job, and allow them to meet their non-work life demands, but also helps their facility’s bottom line.

These are just a few of the ways caregivers can take a proactive approach in maintaining a good work/life balance. At DigniCare, we understand that running a nursing home is about so much more than simply managing a business; caregivers are the backbone of the senior living industry. Their care is just as important as the residents they serve. For more information about our insurance products and Nursing Home Risk Management strategies, please contact us today at (855) 883-6306.

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