How Caregivers Can Ease the Transition to Assisted Living- Part 1

How Caregivers Can Ease the Transition to Assisted Living- Part 1How Caregivers Can Ease the Transition to Assisted Living- Part 1

Change is never easy, especially for senior citizens. The thought of making a move to an assisted living community can leave them feeling vulnerable, as they are basically leaving everything that is familiar to them behind. If they are lucky, they have loving family members who will visit them often and make their room seem as much like home as possible. However, whether they have family that they will be seeing or not, there may be steps that you or your staff can take to help ease the transition to assisted living as well.

Knowing what to expect makes a big difference during any time of transition. Be sure, when a resident or family of the resident is considering your assisted living facility, to give them as much information as possible. Encourage them to read over all resident-specific material from your facility, and answer any questions or concerns they may have. Offer the opportunity for them to meet with the administrator if that is not you, and some of the staff and other residents. Another good idea is to provide them and/or their family members with a suggested list of items to bring to their new residence.

Another important factor to consider when introducing a new resident to your facility, is their cognitive level and how much they understand about the move. Oftentimes, a resident who suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s may experience confusion and as a result heightened emotions. The new surroundings can be overwhelming and confusing, but if you are understanding of their emotions and give them time, this will typically subside in a few days.

These are just a couple things you can do to help ease the transition into your assisted living facility. In part 2 of this blog post, we’ll look at some behaviors and attitudes you can likely expect as your residents transition to their new surroundings, and how to approach these scenarios.

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