How to Ease the Transition into a Continuing Care Retirement Center

How to Ease the Transition into a Continuing Care Retirement CenterHow to Ease the Transition into a Continuing Care Retirement Center

For many senior citizens, making the decision to transition to a Continuing Care Retirement Center (CCRC) can be a difficult and emotional one. Some seniors have been in their previous homes for 50+ years and even though they may know they can no longer care for their home or themselves like they used to, especially if they are on their own, there is a sense of loss when they have to sell or leave it.

There may be ways however, as an administrator at a CCRC that you can help to ease the transition. It starts by being or appointing a main point of contact for potential and new residents; a contact who will remain optimistic, encouraging, and patient throughout the transition process. Sometimes the biggest difference for an elderly individual between being happy about the transition and facing it with trepidation is how they are introduced to the CCRC. Below are a few examples of questions you can ask and approaches you can make when introducing new residents to your facility.

State the benefits. Whether you are showing the resident their options for room location or talking about the social programs present in the center, always focus on the benefits. It’s important to be truthful if there are any disadvantages or roadblocks the resident may face, however the goal should be to get the resident excited about what the advantages are.

Ask about hobbies. Does your facility have a painting program? Or maybe you host regular movie nights or book club meetings. Asking the new resident what their hobbies are can help you make a connection and can help them get excited about the activities they can partake in at the facility.

Host an orientation or luncheon. Allow new residents to meet seasoned residents, staff, and other key members of the facility by hosting an orientation or some type of luncheon. Allow for a Q&A and go over any information the new resident should have before moving in.

Provide resources/experts. One of the hardest parts of the home-to-CCRC transition for many senior citizens is downsizing. Having an expert within your facility that can visit the home and give the elderly person an educated estimate of what they will be able to take and what they will and won’t need can be extremely helpful, and put their mind at ease. It also takes some of the stress off of the family of the senior citizen.

These are just a few of the approaches you can take in welcoming a new resident to your CCRC facility, and helping to ease the transition. At DigniCARE, we are focused on the wellbeing and care of your continuing care retirement center residents. We offer Senior Care Risk Management programs including CCRC Liability Insurance, and coverage for Independent Living Facilities, Assisted Living, and Nursing Homes. Please contact us today for more information at (855) 883-6306. 

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