Facebook Helps Nursing Home Residents with Cognitive Boost

Facebook Helps Nursing Home Residents with Cognitive Boost

Spending time on Facebook has been shown to reduce stress levels, slow down heart rates and relax people in general. And newest research according to the Huffington Post shows a new added benefit of Facebook: sharpening of mental abilities, particularly in adults over 65.

A graduate student in the University of Arizona department of psychology examined whether teaching older adults to use the social networking site could give a boost to their cognitive performance. The findings revealed that after learning to use Facebook, older adults performed 25 percent better on memory tasks.

In the study, one group of older adults (age ranges for the study was 68-91), was taught to use Facebook and another was taught to use, an online diary site with no social interaction.

Facebook Helps Nursing Home Residents with Cognitive BoostThe participants who used Facebook showed the cognitive increase. There was no significant change in the other participants.

The study identified the benefits of Facebook as twofold. The social media site cognitively engages seniors with the mental process of learning and engaging in new tasks. The second part is more human and universal; social engagement. People who are more engaged not only in learning new skills but socially engaged as well are more integrated and tend to do better in their older age. The combined benefit of developing new cognitive skills learning Facebook and the social connectedness it fostered help improve performance on memory and cognitive tasks.

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