Keeping up with the Culture Change in Nursing Homes

Keeping up with the Culture Change in Nursing HomesKeeping up with the Culture Change in Nursing Homes

Traditionally, nursing homes were created over 50 years ago as “homes for the aged”. Architecturally, many were built like hospitals and organized to be similarly run. While nursing home staff and visiting health care professionals can and do provide medical care to the residents, the concept of nursing homes has changed dramatically for many people in recent years. Perhaps most importantly, the seniors who live at these facilities want to be referred to as residents, not “patients”.

Nursing homes are literally home to the people who live there. They have rights in their home much like they had before they moved into the facility. These rights include the right to be treated with dignity and respect, the right to be informed about services and fees before they enter the facility, and the right to privacy. Other rights that nursing home residents and their families expect is for the seniors to have the right to manage their own money, and the right to be informed about their medical condition and medications.

Some nursing homes that are already involved in changing their company culture are moving toward person-directed care. They are working to ensure self-determinations, choice, dignity, and meaningful relationships for those who live and work there, as well as involving families and friends to create community. So what is the difference between person-directed care and traditional nursing home care?

Traditionally, nursing home residents are told when to wake up, go to bed, eat, etc. based on institutional schedules and set routines. Also, residents frequently have different care staff who do not typically know those residents well and therefore are not familiar with their preferences. Studies have found that due to this, residents often feel unknown, insecure, or scared.

On the other hand, person-directed care usually involves nursing home staff allowing the residents to set their own schedule, and it is typically the same staff taking care of the same resident. Due to this the staff is more motivated to provide better quality care, and the senior residents feel more secure, content, and happy.

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