Making Your Senior Living Community Stand Out

Making Your Senior Living Community Stand Out

Making Your Senior Living Community Stand Out

Every senior living community is different. Retiring By Design President Kristin Kutac Ward advises that each community needs a unique analysis of its strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). She gives many recommendations for improving occupancy and planning for the long term. This starts with looking at what advantages you offer to your senior population that may be different from what another community may offer, and selling those qualities. Your sales and marketing plan, Kutac Ward says, should focus on the community’s particular strengths and key differentiators.

Experts agree that differentiation in the senior living industry is important in terms of marketing. You’ll need to determine the needs of your target market and then identify what makes your facility different. This may seem difficult, but finding a niche market to target your services to will prove beneficial. For example, perhaps your facility wants to offer long-term nursing care for older mentally-challenged individuals. This would mean that you would need to provide specialized services and staff trained to meet the needs of this particular population.

Also important to your marketing efforts is being customer centered. You should be treating every customer or patient as a unique opportunity. Remember that seniors and their families want choices, freedom, and independence. The more patient or customer focused your community is, the happier your residents will be.

When it comes to making your senior living community or facility stand out for the rest, never promise more than you can deliver. While this may look good on a marketing brochure, it will look a whole lot better if you just simply do your best in making the residents’ safety and well-being your top priority.

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