Managing Nursing Home Resident Expectations

Managing Nursing Home Resident ExpectationsAs a nursing home administrator or staff member, you know what to expect when transitioning in a new resident. Typically, you won’t have reservations should you have to put a parent or another loved one in a nursing home, as you will understand the process and what arrangements need to be made, as well as all the intricacies of different types of assisted living facilities. Unfortunately though, the majority of your residents and their families do not know what to expect, and may have some unrealistic ideas of what this process will look like. How can you ease residents and their families into this process, and potentially Reduce Nursing Home Risks in the meantime?

First off, an all-too-common misconception from family members regarding their loved one’s care, is that a caregiver will be working one-on-one with them. Nursing homes are simply not set up for this type of care; help is always provided as soon as possible in assisted living facilities, but it could often take nursing home staff a few minutes to respond to a call light, depending on the needs of other residents at the time. Another common misconception similar to this, according to an article published by, is that family members expect a private room will be available for their loved one, especially if they are only temporarily in the home following an accident of some kind.

If your residents’ family members have previously cared for their loved ones on their own, they understandably established a routine when it came to eating, bathing, etc. They may expect the assisted living facility to follow the same routine. While nursing home staff can certainly try to stick with their residents’ schedules as much as possible, unfortunately this is not always possible, especially if a nursing home is understaffed.

These are just some of the unrealistic expectations that nursing home residents and/or their families may have. It’s important to assure them that even though the transition can be tough, residents do and will adjust to the situation. Understandably, this process will take time, on the part of the resident as well as the staff members who need to become familiar with the residents’ personality and needs.

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