Nursing Home Insurance FAQs – Part 2

Nursing Home Insurance FAQs – Part 2

It part 1 of this 2 part blog post, we covered a few common questions that nursing home administrators ask when it comes to their insurance needs. A comprehensive Nursing Home Insurance policy should include a wide range of products, from property insurance to professional liability for the staff that works at your facility. Below are a few more questions that nursing home staff may ask about their nursing home coverage.

Is Sexual Misconduct coverage really necessary?

Unfortunately, yes. Recently, New York nursing home staff decided to hire a stripper for their residents. This decision not only raised eyebrows, but resulted in people questioning what exactly is appropriate when it comes to the activities that go on within a nursing home.  The decision also led to a costly lawsuit on behalf of one of the resident’s family members against the nursing home. This is just one example of how a nursing home could face a sexual misconduct claim.

How is Business Auto Insurance different from my Personal Auto Insurance policy?

The main distinction between personal auto insurance and business auto insurance is the purpose of the coverage. Businesses, such as your nursing home or assisted living facility, have many concerns that private individuals won’t share, such as increased liability risks related to transporting residents and delivering equipment. If at any time you use a personal vehicle for these work related tasks and need to file a claim, your car insurance company might deny the claim since some business uses violate the terms of service.

Do I have high Workers Compensation risks?

Absolutely, yes. Nursing home staff are regularly exposed to injury risks, in the form of poor ergonomics, slips or falls, violence from a resident, etc. Not only is it wise to have a Workers Compensation policy to financially protect your senior living facility, but in most states it is required.

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