Nursing Home Insurance: Improving Patient Care

Nursing Home Insurance: Improving Patient CareNursing Home Insurance: Improving Patient Care

The best way for nursing home owners to provide their residents with a quality life is by focusing on improving patient care. This can be challenge among changing regulations and overhead concerns, but it is absolutely imperative and doable for any facility. Here are some practical time savers and morale boosters to practice among your staff that will be felt by your patients as well.

Consolidate patient questions, pre-certifications, and referrals. Have a staff expert who handles all pre-certifications and referrals at one designated time of the day. Bundling similar tasks like this will increase efficiency.

Use color-coding to track charts. Designate every staff member or groups of staff members with a color, and use a marker, such as an index card, with that color whenever you deal with a patient’s chart. This way, when one staff member goes to look at a chart, they know who handled it last if questions come up.

Use an employee suggestion box. You might not see the relevance to patient care, however many nursing home staff members have good ideas that will ultimately affect resident-life, and they may not know how to share those ideas.

Hold regular meetings. Involve the nurses and secretarial staffs. Keeping them well-informed and focused on efficiency and patient care on a regular basis will provide them with an opportunity to discuss how best to perform their jobs, offer suggestions, and air their concerns.

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