Nursing Home Liability: Addressing Resident Family Concerns

Nursing Home Liability Addressing Resident Family ConcernsNursing Home Liability: Addressing Resident Family Concerns

For many families, placing their elderly loved ones in a nursing home or assisted living facility is a huge step that takes careful consideration. Naturally, some families may be apprehensive about the change. It’s important as a facility manager to understand these concerns, and to address them in order to potentially avoid any nursing home liability claims down the road.

Occasionally, a potential resident or family member will be resistant to assisted living facilities because they may not understand exactly what level of care the senior needs. It’s important to work with the family to do an honest assessment of their loved one’s physical and mental needs. This is not always an easy thing for family members to do, but it’s necessary to help them understand what type of care they need, whether it’s with feeding and bathing or common household tasks.

An additional concern family members have is the costs of moving their loved one to an assisted living facility. Amenities and services vary greatly from community to community, and this is something you will need to explain to family members. Once they understand where these costs are coming from, they may be a lot more receptive. It’s also important to inform families of what happens to the fees if their loved one ends up needing more care and services, and how much notice you will give the family if the monthly fee is to increase.

These are just a couple of concerns that family members have when moving their elderly loved one into a nursing home. They also want to know that the staff is trained and certified in giving medical care, and what activities are available for their loved one’s socialization and recreation.

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