How effective is Your Nursing Home’s Emergency Plan?

How effective is Your Nursing Home's Emergency PlanHow effective is Your Nursing Home’s Emergency Plan?

Back in November, a massive snowstorm forced the partial evacuation of a 184-bed New York nursing home and rehabilitation center, as part of a roof had collapsed and caused a gas leak. With winter upon us, assisted living facility administrators need to take a close look at their policies and procedures to ensure that they have an appropriate plan in place to protect their elderly residents, and staff, in the case of a disaster such as this.

McKnight’s guest author Harsha Anapar offered a few words of wisdom as to how to strengthen emergency plans within nursing homes and other senior living facilities. The first suggestion he made was to have a designated weather-watch and a communications plan in place. This can be a staff member or leader at the facility; as long as there is a point person in case of an emergency.

Assisting off-site staff members is another recommendation. Oftentimes in natural disasters such as this, nursing homes are short staffed due to the fact that employees can simply not get to work safely. Try to arrange a carpooling situation, and if necessary and able, temporary housing so they can be nearby and don’t have to travel in unsafe conditions to get to work.

Knowing your residents and their needs is another vital component of an effective nursing home emergency plan. In the event of an evacuation, you’ll want to make sure that all residents have what they need to stay healthy outside of their home. This also means that you should ensure you have relationships with outside sources in the community, whether it’s a senior center, hotel, or any other type of facility that can temporarily house your residents in an emergency.

These are just a few of the ways you can ensure that your nursing home’s emergency plan is an effective one. At DignCARE, we understand that you are in the business of caring for others. This is why our Nursing Home Insurance Policies reach beyond financial protection and extend to offering Risk Management Tips and focus on the care and well-being of your residents. For more information about our products and services, please contact us today at (855) 883-6306.

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