Why are Nursing Homes Increasingly Seeing Lawsuits?

Why are Nursing Homes Increasingly Seeing LawsuitsWhy are Nursing Homes Increasingly Seeing Lawsuits?

In recent years, nursing homes and other assisted living facilities have seen an increase in lawsuits. Perhaps this can be partly blamed on the sudden influx of lawsuits overall, we live in an increasingly litigious society after all. However, it’s important to get down to the bottom line of what is really causing these legal claims. Doing so could help nursing home administrators to potentially reduce their risks of lawsuits and better assist their staff and residents.

One of the biggest claims against nursing homes is allegations of mistreatment of residents. Staff shortage should never be an excuse for the mistreatment of the elderly, however many experts believe that worker shortages are the biggest problem facing nursing homes, and believe that by fixing this, residents’ care will improve as a result. Limited health care staffing is a problem across the entire healthcare industry; not just nursing homes. However, it’s still an issue that needs addressing.

These accusations of mistreatment come not from the residents themselves, most of the time, but rather the residents’ family members and social workers. There have increasingly been cases of elderly residents that appear malnourished, have not been bathed properly, have unexplained bruises or bed sores. Many times, this may not be directly or purposefully caused by staff; unfortunately in some cases a resident may have simply been overlooked before a problem was discovered. This is where proper staffing would be beneficial to the facility. With proper staffing of caring individuals, this type of neglect may not happen. And without this neglect, chances are your facility would be less likely to be sued.

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