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Nursing Homes: Preventing Falls & Injuries

Nursing Homes Preventing Falls & InjuriesNursing Homes: Preventing Falls & Injuries

Senior living centers include a wide variety of options, from nursing homes to independent living communities.  However, they all center around providing the best care possible for our aging population that faces unique risks.

For senior living communities, injuries are becoming an increasingly larger problem. Injuries and deaths from falls have spiked in the last decade. In 2005, the latest data available, the government recorded over 19,000 deaths from fall-caused injuries. Three-fourths were people 65 and older. Nonfatal falls caused another half-million hospitalizations and almost 2 million emergency room visits.

Aging makes the likelihood of falling exponentially greater. As people age, they tend to lose muscle mass as they become less active over time, reducing their strength and  People with gait or balance problems, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or a history of stroke, weakness or nerve disorders in legs, impaired vision, or who use certain medications are more likely to fall as well.

For elderly people who are particularly fall-prone, steps can be taken to minimize the risk of injury. Physical therapy and exercise to improve balance and strength helps to reduce the likelihood of falling.

Here are some tips residents and facilities managers can use in and out of doors to insure their residents stay safe.

  • Use a walker or cane for added stability.
  • Examine your facilities floors carefully; highly polished marble or tile can be slippery. If you do have slippery floors, use plastic or carpet runners so residents can walk through safely.
  • Provide community services, such as 24 hour pharmacies, or grocery stores that deliver, so residents can utilize them in bad weather.
  • Keep all common rooms free from clutter.
  • If there is unevenness or differences in the floor levels/thresholds, post a sign by it to notify residents.
  • Make sure all floor levels and stairways are adequately lit and that all stairs and ramps have handrails.

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Source: New York Times