Nursing Homes Take Stance on Elder Abuse

Nursing Homes Take Stance on Elder AbuseNursing Homes Take Stance on Elder Abuse

The number of Americans 65 and over is projected to nearly double by 2030 due to the 74 million baby boomers born during 1946-64. As the population increases, sadly so do elder abuse statistics. Estimates say as many as 2 million seniors are abused, exploited or neglected every year, judging by available statistics and surveys. But many incidents aren’t reported, and experts expect there may be more, even as many as one in ten who have suffered some sort of abuse.

To combat these crimes, a handful of nursing homes around the country have created shelters within their own walls. Similar to shelters for victims of domestic abuse, these nursing home safe places provide emergency short-term housing and healthcare services to victims, according to U.S. News.

In many ways, elder abuse is similar to domestic or child abuse, although public awareness of the issue lags far behind. In many cases incidences of elder abuse are hard to spot and may not always be discovered or reported. Victims may also not report the crimes themselves, feeling guilty, embarrassed, or unable to.

The efforts by a variety of nursing homes across the U.S. are designed to help victims recover from abuse. Victims are typically referred to hospital emergency room staff, police officers and social workers. The shelters also offer training to people who are in unique positions to identify elder abuse, including doormen, clergy, senior living professionals and Meals on Wheels staff along with other individuals who may interact with elderly residents on a daily basis.

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