Nursing Home Insurance: Who Should Make End-of-Life Decisions?

Nursing Home Insurance Who Should Make End-of-Life DecisionsNursing Home Insurance: Who Should Make End-of-Life Decisions?

On June 15th2014 Casey Kasem, an American disc jockey, music historian, radio personality, and actor, passed away at the age of 82, having suffered from a condition known as Lewy body dementia, which is closely related to Parkinson’s disease and left Kasem unable to speak. Therefore, he was unable to express his wishes for end-of-life care. As high-profile as this case was, many people are aware of the feuding that occurred between Jean Kasem, Casey’s wife, and Casey Kasem’s children from his first marriage, who were not being given visitation rights and did not believe that his best interests were being kept in mind.

Situations such as this arise more often than not, especially in nursing home settings. Unfortunately, nursing home staff can only legally do so much when it comes to making decisions about the end-of-life care of a resident. In Kasem’s case, his daughter Kerri insisted upon withholding food and fluids from her ailing father. This was because medical records indicated that giving him food and water at the time was causing him to further suffer, and was essentially drowning him. Kerri Kasem’s decision was based on her desire for him to receive comfort-oriented care, while reportedly Jean Kasem had made some questionable decisions regarding his care in recent months.

Of course, the simplest and easiest way to determine who should make end-of-life decisions is to talk about this type of care before an illness occurs. By discussing their thoughts, values, and desires, the elderly can help the people close to them know what end-of-life care that they want. Written directions letting others know the type of care they want if they are seriously ill are called advance directives and having this in place can not only help the family, but also the nursing home or care facility that the elderly individual is being cared for at.

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