Nursing Home Liability: Summer Activities for Your Residents

Nursing Home Liability Summer Activities for Your ResidentsNursing Home Liability: Summer Activities for Your Residents

Last year, we posted some good activity ideas for senior living facilities, stating that the reason these activities are so important is because regular social and/or physical activity may play a part in delaying the symptoms of dementia. Summertime is one of those times during the year where many seniors reminiscence about  vacations they’ve taken, or fun events they used to partake it, making it the perfect time to introduce some potential new activities to your nursing home’s residents.

If possible, find local activities or settings such as farmer’s markets, a botanical garden, or a national park or monument to take your residents to. Logistics may become tricky with this, however picking a less-busy time to go to these locations may work out well for your facility, depending on the limitations your residents have. Here are some other ideas, providing by ElderStopOne, that can be done locally for most nursing homes, if not at the facility itself.

Outdoor theater or concert. Almost all communities will usually have outdoor plays, song fests, concerts, etc. during the summer. If your situation will allow, taking residents to these events could be a great activity to participate in.

Flying kites. This may seem like a child’s activity idea, but who doesn’t like to embrace their inner-kid every now and then? The great thing about this activity is if your facility is large enough, you don’t have to go anywhere to participate. Kites can be found at a local drugstore or 99 cent store.

Garden party. Does your nursing home facility have a garden or patio? Set it up the old-fashioned way with table cloths, fancy napkins, etc. You could even possibly invite the residents’ family members to join in the fun. Or go a little more casual and do picnic style, with yard games such as horseshoes, beanbag toss, or ring toss.

These are just a few great summertime activity ideas for your senior residents. It’s important to always be clear on what precautions you will need to take for your particular facility and residents. Not taking the appropriate steps to get your events approved by the appropriate parties could raise your Nursing Home Liability risks.

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