Recent Lawsuit Raises Concerns about Proper Nursing Home Conduct

Recent Lawsuit Raises Concerns about Proper Nursing Home ConductRecent Lawsuit Raises Concerns about Proper Nursing Home Conduct

According to a lawsuit filed by the family of 85-year-old Bernice Youngblood, the dementia patient had a male stripper dancing in front of her against her will at her suburban New York nursing home. The facility’s lawyer claims that the performance had been requested by its residents, a fact disputed by Youngblood’s son Franklin Youngblood who claims that after seeing a photo of the alleged indiscretion, he immediately went to a nursing supervisor for an explanation. According to the lawsuit, the nurse attempted to grab the photo from him.

Critics have taken to the internet, some supporting the nursing home, stating that although nursing home residents may be in their 70’s and 80’s, many still have the ability to decide for themselves and are able to choose their own form of entertainment. The lawsuit has raised many questions, such as did the nursing home make the residents attend? Where they wheeled into the room where the stripper would be present without their consent?

Is this a matter of nursing home staff simply going too far to provide entertainment and activities for their residents, or is there a more sinister, abusive motive behind it? The Youngblood family’s lawyer states that there simply should not have been a strip show in a nursing home, due to the fact that it could offend residents, who in his words are “elderly Americans who live here in dignity.” Franklin Youngblood has insisted that the staff of the nursing home organized this event for their own “perverse pleasure.”

A source has confirmed to the CT Post that despite the nursing home’s claims that the residents demanded the strip show, the state Attorney General’s Office is looking into the case. Whether or not they will find that this controversial “entertainment” was a desired event or some bizarre act on part of the nursing home staff remains to be seen, but at DigniCARE, we believe that nursing home residents deserve respect.

The offensive actions that this New York nursing home displayed are not the DigniCARE way. We employ a values-based approach to our Nursing Home Risk Management and Nursing Home Insurance services. Our foundation is based on the worth of each and every individual in the senior living community, especially nursing home and assisted living residents. Please contact us today at (855) 883-6306 to learn more.

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