Claims Analysis

Claims Analysis, Management Helps Minimize Cost Drivers

Integral to K&B Underwriters’ values-based risk management solutions is taking a proactive, responsive approach to claims analysis and management. This helps us pinpoint where and why losses are occurring, minimize the exposures causing these losses and implement procedures to manage claims. What’s more, we provide a comprehensive approach in investigating claims so that we can mitigate the extent of the damage or injury and provide a responsive and fair resolution.

At K&B, we tailor our services so that we may respond to your individual needs. In addition, you can rely on us to go the extra mile when it comes to our claims management:

  • Many adjusters investigate claims; at K&B, we investigate incidents
  • Incidents are initially reviewed by a registered nurse vs. non-clinical adjuster
  • Review of Medical Record, MARs, ADLs, Surveys, Care Plans, Staffing Issues, Employee Interviews, etc.
  • Risk Management recommendations can be made with any changes to policies and procedures documented
  • After incident review is complete, RN submits a report for the file
  • Investigations on incidents can provide a leg up on a claim that develops years down the road after employees have left

Sedgwick Claims Management Services

Sedgwick Claims Management Services is the authorized third-party administrator for the DigniCARE program and will be responsible for handling the general and medical professional liability claims or suits brought against you within the terms of your policy.

In the event of a claim or suit, all correspondence should be forwarded to Sedgwick CMS with a completed initial claim report form. The claim report form can be downloaded here for your convenience and the address and phone number is listed below.

File Name
Initial Claim Report Form


We look forward to working with you and offering optimum solutions to your claims needs. To report a new matter, please email or fax the report to the following:

Yvonne Stamper
Professional Liability Specialist
Sedgwick CMS
Fax: (713) 278-5080
Phone: (713) 278-5006
Address: Sedgwick CMS
P.O. Box 14478
Lexington, KY 40512