Safety Training

Promoting a Culture of Safety

Patient safety is a key touchtone for long-term care facilities and critical for the success of an operation and integral to providing dignified care. Safety issues include everything from improving the accuracy of resident identification, minimizing wandering and elopement risks, improving the safety of medication use, reducing the risk of resident harm as result of falls, reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections, preventing healthcare-associated pressure ulcers, accurately and completely reconcile medications across the continuum of care, among other key issues.

K&B Underwriters’ values-based risk management program provides you with videos, newsletters, resources and tools to address these and other safety issues. With DigniCARE, you will have access to key resources that include:

  • Fall Tool Kit fall causes, fall investigation follow-up, fall prevention plan for direct care staff, fall risk assessment policy, fall risk disclosure, fall consideration, fall investigation, fall prevention, post-fall assessment, post-fall investigation, and more
  • Medication Safety Tool Kitmedications safety tools and resources, information on high-alert medications, and more
  • Wandering & Elopement Tool Kitwandering intervention prevention
  • Pressure Ulcers Tool Kitskin risk analysis interventions, preventative protocols for skin care, pressure ulcer treatment, pressure ulcer protocols, and more
  • Patient Handoff Tool Kit patient handoff video, perioperative patient handoff resources, transferring patients safely from one caregiver to another, and more
  • And More

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