Senior Activities Prevent Falls

Senior Activities Prevent FallsSenior Activities Prevent Falls

According to a recent study, one in three older adults fall each year. Among this population, falls are actually a leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries. Preventing this can be a simple task if one adopts the right know-how and continuing activity that is associated with it. Falls are a major concern and possible life threatening problem, especially for the folks in assisted living quaters. Although they receive additional specialized assistance, taking a spill is often caused by the individual and their depletion of muscle and or bone density. As we age, we naturally lose these elements, however an increase of physical activity can be a simple solution to maintain or build these necessary ingredients.

“There is evidence that muscle strengthening exercise for older adults can reduce the risk of falling and fracturing bones.”

We all understand that sweating once a day is vital to great health, however the benefits of exercise can be especially beneficial for our growing elderly community. Recent studies show that people become less active as they age, mainly due to joint stiffness which results in the inability to be as mobility as previous years.

Senior communities often offer a variety of physical activities to keep older adults moving and grooving in hopes of promoting a successful aging process. The following is a list of high rated senior group actives:

Chair Volleyball – indoor or outdoor, all you need is a volleyball net, one chair per player and a beach ball.

Water Aerobics – this low impact workout specifically helps maintain the mobility and muscle strength.

Walking Groups – strolling around town, nature trails or to newby shopping centers for dinner.

Wii Exercise – inviting a video version of bowling or tennis can be a wonderful way to enjoy high impact games is a softer manner.

Chair Yoga – modifying versions of common yoga poses can help build muscle strength, flexibility  and balance.
Habitual exercise routines can be the solution to a very prevalent problem. However, accidents are still likely to happen. At DigniCare, we understand that senior living care is of the utmost important element to your operation, and at times can certainly be challenging due to unforeseen occurrences. Thats why we offer extensive insurance and risk management programs to meet your needs. Please give us a call at 855-883-6306 or complete the form on our home page to get started on your quote today.

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