Senior Living Home Insurance: Easing Up On Driving

Senior Living Home Insurance: Easing Up On DrivingSenior Living Home Insurance: Easing Up On Driving

Aging can be a tender subject, especially when it comes to discussing limitations with patients. Discussing senior living options, moving to a new assisted home, easing back on driving, and basic daily activities can be difficult and seen as an infringement upon their sense of autonomy.

However, discussing issues as they arise with aging seniors is essential to their health. According to Medical News Today, clinicians and family members often wait too long before talking to elderly patients about giving up driving. Typically, these conversations don’t happen until an event triggers it, such as an accident or obvious physical problem that makes driving difficult. But, according to a new study, waiting for these “red flag” triggers may not be necessary.

A study published last week in the Journal of General Internal Medicine involved focus groups with drivers over the age 65 and health care providers. The study found that clinicians were often the first to raise the subject of elderly driving, they tended to wait for red flags before bringing it up. The conversations were also generally unpleasant.

Elderly drivers, on the other hand, said they were open to these discussions with their medical providers. However, overall, they indicated that their medical providers should play a larger role in these discussions than family members.

In this situation, driving has a much larger more contextual and emotional meaning. Driving represents freedom and a sense of autonomy for people- it is essential to their mobility. Restricting them from driving can have larger emotional repercussions.

It is crucial to start the conversation before it gets to the red flag trigger points. Even beginning it at 65, around retirement age, so seniors have time to adjust to it and dial down driving on their own terms can help them adapt to the change easier.

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