Senior Living Industry: Preventing Depression in Alzheimer’s Patients

Senior Living Industry: Preventing Depression in Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s disease is said to account for 60 to 80 percent of all dementias, striking as many as 5 million Americans. Some of the indirect symptoms of this disease include frustration, confusion, and oftentimes depression. Alzheimer’s itself is one of the most common diseases amongst the senior living industry, however the depression factor is not always approached in nursing home settings.

You may notice your nursing home residents with Alzheimer’s or Dementia showing signs of depression such as apathy, loss of interest in activities, social withdrawal, and isolation. While keeping them busy won’t necessarily alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s itself, getting them involved in activities could possibly help the depression symptoms that come along with it. So what are some things you can do around your facility to keep these residents active? Here are some suggestions provided by


Not only does growing vegetables and flowers create a sense of accomplishment and purpose for your elderly residents, but the actual repetitive action of gardening can make it therapeutic for them as well. If you have an area around your facility that you could add a few garden plots, this is a great opportunity for your residents.


Is there time you can dedicate in your activities room to puzzle building? Even an easy 100-piece puzzle is enough to exercise a senior’s brain. It also helps assist in hand-eye coordination and promotes a sense of satisfaction when the puzzle is done. If possible, you could even consider using puzzle glue and a frame to make a decoration for their personal bedroom or the activities room.


Participating in any type of art, whether it’s watercolor, scrapbooking, pottery, etc., allows seniors to relax, explore, and share. Art therapy has been cited as an effective method in reducing depression in people of all ages. The senior living industry presents a unique opportunity to offer art classes or activities, as well as help encourage social interaction amongst the elderly.

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