Senior Living Insurance: Benefits of Pets for Elderly

Senior Living Insurance Benefits of Pets for ElderlySenior Living Insurance: Benefits of Pets for Elderly

Owning a pet is a joyful relationship- many pet owners consider them part of the family. And research has shown that pets aren’t only good for cuddling. They have actual proven health benefits, especially with older adults.

Older pet owners who are on their own can benefit significantly from having a pet’s companionship. And it is especially beneficial for single residents who would otherwise be on their own. Pets can help their elderly owners reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase their social interaction. It can inspire them to get outdoors, and to exercise more. Pets can also reduce depression and lessen loneliness.

One study found that both familiar and unfamiliar dogs provoked similar reactions in patients- a relaxation response and reduction in blood pressure and levels of cortisol, a stress-related hormone. Other families have reported that elder pet owner are more energetic and engaged when visiting with their pets.

Some medical institutions have taken note. Along with the pet therapy programs that have trained dogs visit patients, some institutions are allowing patients’ own dogs and cats come visit with their spouses and children. Extensive research went into determining liability and the risk (could animals transmit infections to patients?), but overall results found that the benefits of comfort and reduced stress for patients far outweighed any risks.

In fact, pets have been so good for individual health and well-being it’s been suggested that time spent with animals should actually be a prescribed part of treatment.

At Dignicare, our goal was to develop senior living facility and risk management programs that supported the senior living industry’s efforts to provide quality, dignified care to their residents in a nurturing environment while at the same time having the support needed to mitigate risk, protect against loss, contain cost drivers and continue to grow profitably. Give us a call today (855) 883-6306.


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