Senior Living Insurance: Dementia Risks and Prevention

Senior Living Insurance: Dementia Risks and Prevention

Senior Living Insurance: Dementia Risks and Prevention

In an earlier post, we reviewed the role that music might play in preventing mental decline in the elderly. While there is no known cure for dementia, many health care providers have well-supported theories as to what may cause the disease, and what can help stall it.

For example, researchers from INSERM and University of Bordeaux, France, recently reported that elderly patients who are exposed to general anesthesia have a 35% higher risk of developing dementia. This study was conducted over a 10 year period, and focused on over 7,000 patients aged 65+ years. The assessments performed involved a thorough cognitive evaluation with systematic screening for dementia.

The question is, besides knowing possible risks, what can be done to prevent the onset of this disease? Though there is no conclusive research on the matter, the following factors are believed to be beneficial to seniors.

Keeping the mind active. Mental stimulation, through word games, puzzles, music, etc. along with memory training may delay the onset of dementia and help decrease its effects.

Being physically and socially active. Elderly individuals who get involved in activities with others are found to be healthier both physically and emotionally, which is beneficial for mental health as well.

Practicing healthy habits. Some studies have shown smoking and high blood pressure can both increase the risk of dementia and blood vessel conditions. In addition, maintaining a good diet rich in fruits, veggies, and omega-3 fatty acid could also reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Pursuing education. Researchers have found that even when an individual has brain abnormalities, if they are in a constant state of learning, the have a lower incidence of mental decline. For seniors, education could involve learning to read and play music or getting involved in a hobby in their community or nursing home.

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