Senior Living Insurance: Green Tips for Your Community

Senior Living Insurance Green Tips for Your CommunitySenior Living Insurance: Green Tips for Your Community

Green living and energy efficiency has been steadily influencing the senior living industry. According to the Assisted Living Federation of America (AFLA), early adopters who have converted their senior living centers to be more energy efficient have demonstrated that savings of 30 percent are possible with no loss of comfort to the seniors or caregivers.

Here are some tips from the AFLA on basic tips you can do right now to green your senior living community.

Survey your residents. The focus of every senior living community is on the comfort, care and dignity of their residents. Survey your residents to see if the lighting levels, air quality and temperature are at comfortable levels.

Conduct an energy audit. Now that you know your residents’ optimal comfort level, step back and analyze your energy usage. How is the building operating? Are all systems working as intended? Are there any improvements or adjustments you can make to save money. Use the audit to find areas that are lacking- readjust HVAC, install efficient lighting, occupancy sensors, seal windows, reduce domestic hot water temperature, etc.

Future investments. When upgrading equipment or replacing something, make sure you make smart investments that will save you money down the road. Green labels, such as ENERGY STAR can help with this effort.

Ban smoking within 25 feet of entries and air intakes. This will help improve the air quality overall for the health of the residents, environment and staff.

Landscape with native plants. Not only are native plants better and more suited for the environment, it is much easier than bringing in plants from another regional area. You will also reduce maintenance costs and water consumption.

What are some of your tips for living greener? We’d love to hear from you.

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