Senior Living Insurance: Alzheimer’s Focus of Care Moves to Prevention

Senior Living Insurance Alzheimer’s Focus of Care Moves to PreventionSenior Living Insurance: Alzheimer’s Focus of Care Moves to Prevention

The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Copenhagen in early July of 2014 revealed that there has been a shift in focus when it comes to Alzheimer’s care. While treatment of symptoms and effects on the brain is still important, scientists and healthcare providers have started approaching Alzheimer’s care in a more preventive way.

Reportedly, preventative interventions such as exercise, diet, and certain behavioral modifications have been improving cognitive functioning in patients according to The Wall Street Journal. These patients were part of a two year study that compared them to a control group.

The study, called Finger and located in Finland, is one of many that are currently measuring various preventive methods. Scientists are able to find possible ways to slow down or stop the progress of Alzheimer’s progress in the brain by examining lifestyle impact, in conjunction with medication.

The Wall Street Journal also reports that the number of Alzheimer’s patients in the U.S. is projected to triple between now and 2050. The Alzheimer’s Association stresses that if the onset of the disease for those aged 65 in 2050 could be delayed for five years that high number could be reduced by almost 6 million people!

Prevention efforts for this disease have been receiving more attention and financial backing in the field. The reason for this is because scientists and physicians alike have realized that disease=related changes in the brain begin decades before memory problems become obvious. The studies are challenging, as they require following a large number of people for years, however many experts are cautiously optimistic about the prevention efforts being brought forth.

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