Staff Shortage in Nursing Homes Is Growing Concern

Staff Shortage in Nursing Homes Is Growing ConcernStaff Shortage in Nursing Homes Is Growing Concern

According to a recent report from the University of California, San Francisco, workers are leaving long-term are at a faster rate than they are joining the field. In previous posts, we have discussed how the aging population is only growing, and thus the demand for long-term care workers will grow. While staff shortage in nursing homes is not necessarily a new development, it’s becoming a growing concern throughout the industry.

It’s important for nursing home administrators and other assisted living leaders to examine why exactly long-term care workers are leaving at such a rapid rate. Many experts in the field, including McKnight’s Editorial Director John O’Connor, feel that “working in long-term care is about the last thing many frontline employees want to do,” due to potentially unhealthy work atmospheres and low pay.

The authors of the UCSF study concluded that better education and training programs are called for; that the nursing field would benefit greatly from these factors. They wrote that not only would well-crafted training programs improve the job skills of direct-care workers, but would also reduce occupational injury and job turnover.

O’Connor believes that better training would help, and some experts even believe that President Obama’s initiative of two free years of community college could be helpful, as community college education is essential to the nursing field. However, O’Connor feels this is just the beginning; wages must get better and workplace injuries must be reduced.

What are you doing in your assisted living facility to better empower and retain your staff?

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