Top 5 Nursing Home Fall Risks

Top 5 Nursing Home Fall RisksTop 5 Nursing Home Fall Risks

In a previous post we discussed some of the best practices for nursing homes to use in order to reduce nursing home liability risks. Understanding the risks that your facility faces is a huge part of safety management. For example, Nursing Home fall risks are a common concern. The CDC estimates that each year, one in every three adults age 65 and older falls. These falls can lead to severe injuries, such as hip fractures and head traumas, and can increase the risk of early death. names the following nursing home fall risks as the ones to be most aware of:

Loose or Sliding Rugs or Mats

Although these are never seen in hallways or public areas of a nursing home, many facility managers may find that residents bring these to their rooms when they move in. If they don’t already have it, it’s a good idea to add non-slip backing on all rugs and/or secure them with carpet tacks or double sided tapes.

Power Cords

Resident rooms often have many cords, hooked up to machines, resident’s appliances, etc. Ensure that all power cords run along the wall to an outlet. You may even consider taping the cords so that they stay against the walls.

Wet Surfaces

Spills happen, especially in bathrooms and dining halls. If the floors in these areas aren’t already slip-proof, it’s wise to install rubber mats with non-skid backings anywhere that poses a risk.

Low Lighting

As adults age, their eyes may not adapt as easily to the dark. Lights on motion sensors in resident’s bathrooms can help seniors from falling.


Furniture should never be placed where it could be a fall hazard. Oftentimes residents or family members will bring over their own furniture to the home. It’s the facility’s responsibility to ensure that there is not only room for the resident to move around, but that there is clear access to the resident for your staff.

While accidents are never 100% avoidable, taking a look at the most common nursing home fall risks could help you to make your facility a safer environment.

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