Uproar Caused Over Removal of Web Cam from Disabled Nursing Home Resident

Uproar Caused Over Removal of Web Cam from Disabled Nursing Home ResidentGiven the statistics out there for the public on nursing home abuse, it’s only natural that the families and loved ones of nursing home residents would want as much access to them as possible. Unfortunately, there have been numerous cases of neglect that have made headlines, in which the residents’ loved ones never discovered. So what is a concerned family member to do? These findings have led many individuals to look at Web Cams, or “Nanny Cams” as a solution.

Is this legal though? In 4 states throughout the U.S. there are rules and laws prohibiting the allowance of private video recording or surveillance in nursing homes. This is not the case in Pennsylvania yet though, and one Philadelphia nursing home recently faced a storm of controversy when they removed the computer and webcam from the private room of a resident with cerebral palsy. The resident, Stuart Sanderson, relied on the device to communicate privately with family members.

Although the webcam was eventually returned to Sanderson, the action in itself caused quite the uproar in their community. The facility itself was at a crossroads when it came to privacy concerns and policies. While they are now drafting a policy and will support residents’ rights to cameras as long as they notify staff about their use, this issue is not isolated; it is happening across the country.

The concern for nursing homes is privacy rights; depending on the state, nanny cams and webcams can create issues and nursing home facilitators can get in trouble for recording employees without their consent. Secondly, nursing home facilities would need consent of patients to be recorded; so if a nanny cam exists, roommates or any other nursing home resident who would visit the room would need to know of its presence.

If the family members or loved ones of your nursing home residents truly have concerns about neglect or abuse, the best thing for them to do is speak to management, as management could likely get to the bottom of a situation without the use of hidden cameras. It’s also vital for your facility to have the appropriate Nursing Home Liability Insurance policy in place to financially protect the property and your actions.

At DignCARE, we understand that you are in the business of caring for others. This is why our Nursing Home Insurance Policies reach beyond financial protection and extend to offering Risk Management Tips and focus on the care and well-being of your residents. For more information about our products and services, please contact us today at (855) 883-6306.

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