What Families and Potential Residents Look For In a Nursing Home

What Families and Potential Residents Look For In a Nursing HomeWhat Families and Potential Residents Look For In a Nursing Home

If you own or manage a nursing home, you know how important patient care is. It’s also important to look at how your facility looks to an outsider. For many families, and especially potential residents, searching for an appropriate nursing home can be an emotional and stressful process. It will be helpful for you and your staff to know what families and potential residents look for in a nursing home so that you can target your marketing efforts in the right way.

Proximity. Many families look for nursing homes nearby, so that residents are close enough for family and friends to visit. Also, they look for how close it is to Dr.’s offices, and shopping centers for residents who are still fairly mobile and active.

Status of current residents. Families and potential residents want to see that current patients appear happy and well taken care of. This includes being treated with dignity and respect. They look to see if staff members interact cheerfully with patients and each other, and if patient call lights are responded to in a timely manner.

Staffing. Staff-to-patient ratio is one of the most important factors for families. They also want to see that staff members are visible the majority of the time in case they are needed quickly, and that staff is responsive to patient and family member needs and requests.

Facility condition. The nursing home building should be clean and well maintained. Families also want to see that wheelchairs and other equipment are in clean working order. Families will typically look for outdoor areas that will make their visits easier, and if bedroom furniture and linens are in good condition.

Other factors many potential residents and family members look for include whether or not there will be a wide range of frequent activities and entertainment available, and what type of meals will be served, plus the quality and nutrition of those meals.

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